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Så här hanterar du radioaktivitet bl.a. via 19 livsmedel

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Prio 1: Om man inte vet varför man är sjuk, kan man inte bli frisk

Det är plugga som gäller. Kunskap är makt. De som går i kurs 3 och uppåt har väl inga större problem men kurs 1+2:s medlemmar bör nog plugga.

Med anledning av det kärnvapenhot som ligger i luften är det hög tid att lära sig hantera problemet med radioaktivitet.

Smäller de av kärnvapen lär eländet dras runt med vindarna, och då ska du stanna inne med stängda fönster och dörrar samt duscha. Men du ska däremot inte gå ut i regn eftersom det för ner radioaktivitet.

Ät rätt för att stötta kroppen att eliminera radioaktivitet

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When a person has experienced known or probable exposure to a high dose of radiation from an accident or attack, medical personnel take a number of steps to determine the absorbed radiation dose. This information is essential for determining how severe the illness is likely to be, which treatments to use and whether a person is likely to survive.

Information important for determining an absorbed dose includes:

  • Known exposure. Details about distance from the source of radiation and duration of exposure can help provide a rough estimate of the severity of radiation sickness.
  • Vomiting and other symptoms. The time between radiation exposure and the onset of vomiting is a fairly accurate screening tool to estimate absorbed radiation dose. The shorter the time before the onset of this sign, the higher the dose. The severity and timing of other signs and symptoms also may help medical personnel determine the absorbed dose.
  • Blood tests. Frequent blood tests over several days enable medical personnel to look for drops in disease-fighting white blood cells and abnormal changes in the DNA of blood cells. These factors indicate the degree of bone marrow damage, which is determined by the level of an absorbed dose.
  • Dosimeter. A device called a dosimeter can measure the absorbed dose of radiation but only if it was exposed to the same radiation event as the affected person.
  • Survey meter. A device such as a Geiger counter can be used to survey people to determine the body location of radioactive particles.
  • Type of radiation. A part of the larger emergency response to a radioactive accident or attack would include identifying the type of radiation exposure. This information would guide some decisions for treating people with radiation sickness.


The treatment goals for radiation sickness are to prevent further radioactive contamination; treat life-threatening injuries, such as from burns and trauma; reduce symptoms; and manage pain. Läs mer


10 Best supplements to detox from nuclear radiation exposure naturally

Here are the 10 best supplements to detox from ionizing radiation exposure naturally:

1. Iodine  =  Jod

Iodine is a chemical element belonging to the halogen family.

Also, it is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Besides, iodine deficiency is the leading cause of preventable intellectual disabilities8.

It may cause learning dysfunctions and poor motivation9.

Blockage of radioactive iodine

Potassium iodide is a stable form of iodine that can help radioactive iodine from being absorbed by your thyroid gland.

When you take potassium iodide, your thyroid gland becomes “full” and cannot absorb any more radioactive iodine10.

Iodine is an antioxidant

In addition to being a component of thyroid hormones, iodine also acts as an antioxidant in the whole organism11.

Studies have shown that iodine supplementation reduces tumors and cancers, including fibrocystic breast disease and prostatic hyperplasia11.

Since iodine and selenium are dependent on each other, take both supplements during the radiation exposure detox process12,13,14.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbate) is an essential nutrient in humans.

We obtain it through the diet, primarily from fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C acts as a cofactor for numerous enzymatic reactions15.

It is involved in gene expression and the production of essential compounds (neurotransmitters, hormones, and collagen)15,16,17.

Vitamin C has radioprotective effects

Studies have shown that vitamin C is a radioprotective agent thanks to its antioxidant properties.

It scavenges reactive oxygen species produced in your body after radiation exposure18,19.

Besides, vitamin C protects against cesium-induced chromosome damage20 and removes strontium from the body21.

Vitamin C has anti-cancer properties

The famous chemist and Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling showed that supplementation of vitamin C could prolong the survival times of terminal cancer patients22.

Synthetic versus food-derived vitamin C

Synthetic and food-derived vitamin C are chemically identical15.

Nevertheless, fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and bioflavonoids15.

They act synergistically and, therefore, may enhance vitamin C’s bioavailability15.

As such, we recommend taking a food-derived form of vitamin C.

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